About Us:

Mobile Dog Running is owned and operated by Marc Singer. Marc has been in the transportation business for 30 years. Customer service is his expertise. Marc knows what it takes to provide great service.

The typical dog walk is a good way for your loved one to get out with you, but it does not give your dogs the cardiovascular exercise they need.

Mobile Dog Running will come to your home or business and run your dogs for up to 30 minutes to get their heart rates up and keep their joints in good working condition.

A Special Note from Marc:

“Dogs have always been a passion for me, and I have a vision to one day open the best indoor and outdoor dog park in the state. For now, I have started a mobile dog gym—to keep your dogs happy and healthy, and a healthy dog who gets regular exercise is a happy dog.

Most people just don’t have the time to attend to their dogs’ exercise needs. I take pride in giving personalized attention to your dogs to make sure they don’t overheat or wear themselves out. I have lived in the Valley for over 30 years and know it’s dangerous for a dog’s temperature to rise above 104, and that it’s too hot to walk dogs outdoors when it’s over a 90 degrees.

We will pick up your dogs from your home or business in an air-conditioned van, with our non-motorized treadmill. Your dogs can go as fast as they want and stop whenever they want. This a great way for your canine companion to stay fit all year round.

“I look forward to coming to you and keeping your loved ones happy and healthy.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that people ask!

The treadmill is powered by your dog’s movement forward. The faster your dog walks, the faster the treadmill moves. The dog has complete control over the pace.
All dogs are different, but most dogs only need a week to know to get the hang of it and enjoy it.
The non-electric treadmill is equipped with side enclosures that keep your dog focused on moving forward and on the track.
No, your dogs will feel at ease on the treadmill with the quiet care and encouragement of the trainer. The machine is not electric and does not have a motor.
Top-rated dog trainers around the world use treadmills for endurance and strength development, along with obedience and other training needs.

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Professional Mobile Dog Running Service

Our customers trust us to give their dogs the best possible care while providing them with the exercise they need for optimal health and stimulation at the convenience of your home or office in a climate-controlled environment.
We give your dogs safe and consistent exercise routines with the fun and encouragement they need to stay fit and enjoy it.

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