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Cool Fun without the Sun


As temperatures in the Valley start to rise, your canine companions need protection from hot outdoor ground surfaces. Mobile Dog Running is a safe and healthy alternative to exercising your dog in a cool and climate controlled environment. Your dog will still get the exercise needed to stay healthy and happy but without the risk

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Keeping Your Canine Companion Social and Active


Your canine companion is more likely to live a longer and happier life with social stimulation and physical activity. Mobile Dog Running lets your dog sets the pace with the fun and safe encouragement our friendly staff. The social stimulation and regular exercise will gradually help build endurance in dogs who were less active, improving

Keeping Your Canine Companion Social and Active2018-03-12T03:08:28+00:00

Reduce Canine Fatigue and Obesity with Regular Exercise


Regular exercise gives canine added support to reduce fatigue and prevent obesity. Dog companions can suffer from fatigue, putting them at risk for obesity. Exercise helps body tissues effectively use oxygen. Mobile Dog Running is an exercise that leads to blood volume increasing and muscle adaptations, building your dog’s capacity and endurance. Canine obesity is

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Dog Running as Play – A Positive Behavior Enhancer


A recent study by Bristol University has found a direct connection between play and fewer behavioral problems in dogs. The study also found that increased playtime can reverse negative dog behaviors. Running gives dogs a fun activity to do with human friends. Dog running is safe and happy playtime. With all its benefits to a

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Dog Running – A Fit Dog is a Happy Dog


Regular exercise and a brisk run offer dogs several benefits. Your dog needs exercise to maintain good overall health. A dog’s wellness includes cardio workouts, such as running. Dog running helps maintain heart health and weight management. Running your dogs will keep them fit and their bodies balanced and tone. Dog running keeps muscles tone

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