A recent study by Bristol University has found a direct connection between play and fewer behavioral problems in dogs. The study also found that increased playtime can reverse negative dog behaviors. Running gives dogs a fun activity to do with human friends. Dog running is safe and happy playtime. With all its benefits to a dog’s health and a positive mental state, dog running is a great way to keep dogs from developing negative behaviors.

Dog running as playtime supports a dog’s mental fitness and emotional balance. Dogs practice their manners and positive socialization. The mental and physical stimulation of dog running as playtime keeps behavior in balance and positive. The energy release, joy, and attention that comes with running playtime relieves boredom and improves a dog’s quality of life. Dogs have social needs and benefit from fun outlets, like running, for the release of pent-up physical energy.

Dog running for play is a good way to let your dog cut loose and have fun. Call and make an appointment with Mobile Dog Running.