Regular exercise gives canine added support to reduce fatigue and prevent obesity. Dog companions can suffer from fatigue, putting them at risk for obesity. Exercise helps body tissues effectively use oxygen. Mobile Dog Running is an exercise that leads to blood volume increasing and muscle adaptations, building your dog’s capacity and endurance.

Canine obesity is a serious risk for canines. Dogs that are overweight often experience fatigue that leads to less exercise. Canine obesity can result in respiratory issues and musculoskeletal damage, affecting your dog’s quality of life and shortening lifespan. Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart conditions, can be other risks that develop from obesity. Regular exercise will help stimulate your dog’s metabolic state in a positive direction. Mobile Dog Running is an effective option for addressing canine fatigue and obesity concerns. Exercise regimes are tailored to the needs of your dog and your dog sets the pace.

At Mobile Dog Running, Marc Singer is sensitive to your dog’s personal attitude and unique abilities and needs. Call Mobile Dog Running today to make an appointment to set up your dog’s personalized regime.